Everyone is Welcome

I hate that you create divisions through exclusionary tactics like posted signs and “private” co-op housing + unaffordable housing.

Today I saw the potential for Community.

Friends talking about repairing shoes. Neighbors gathered around shared interests. Diversity embraced. Relationships built.

In the future, my dream for you is to be community-owned, community-friendly, with parks.

Park rules: everyone is welcome.

Pedestrian Road

I hate that you are so busy with crs that there’s no bus/bike lane or public bike parking.

Today I saw the potential for you to be a central part in the city for shopping, walking and leisure.

In the future, my dream for you is to become fully a public way: bus lane and bike lane only, the rest of the space being pedestrians and parks. If this urban space gets connected to Jersey & Brooklyn on either side, it would make the city feel more united and green.

Parking Meter

Dear parking meters,

I hate that you are not free, you are transactional, you control the time I can stay.

Today I saw the potential for using it differently.

In the future, my dream for you is not to buy time for parking a car, but to share time between people. Exchange my “$” for “14th street $”. Could promote new exchanges.

Alternative Mode of Transportation

I love your vibrancy.
I hate your mess.

Today I saw the potential for being an alternative mode of transportation to connect east and west by changing the traffic flow into a one way road / bike lanes that connect the highline to the Hudson River Park.

In the future, my dream for you is to become a way to overcome the tragedy of urban roads by pooling together compatible and (xxx) modes of transportation.

Mobility uses >> the first commons-based transportation network / infrastructure through a complementary circuit: mobility (xxx)

Park Dog’s

I hate that you underutilize and mismanage dedicated spaces within union station park. The section outreached does not bring out the intrinsic value of the space.

Today I saw the potential for humans of all cultures being able to congregate in a space driven by the love for animals.

In the future, my dream for you is to move the dog park to a rundown portion at the park attached to this letter. The dogs will bring value to many more than just the owner-dog relationship. It will serve the public on a reminder of how the smallest things (dogs) can bring the most happiness. The opportunity to add utility to an underserved and overly frequented portion of Union Park will help shape the day in the lives of 100% of 1000’s.

union square