Battipaglia Collaborativa

This project, carried out with the participation of LabGov, deals with the transformation of a city plan into a regulation instrument of the layout of the territory, by means of a partnership between the public and the private sectors, which will take the form of a collaboration over the management of the commons.


Instead of focusing on green public spaces or on the tangible urban commons, the CO-Palermo project focuses on the collaborative management of the mobility of the city, thus widening the scope of action of the partnership between the public and the private sectors. 

Borgata Massimina Collaborativa

LabGov’s project Borgata Massimina Collaborativa is based on the collaboration with a real estate developer in order to design and to realize a collaborative district.

Comunità Ospitale

Comunità Ospitale represents an innovative model of tourist package, in which the village and the population themselves are the destination of a responsible and sustainable holiday. Thus, it offers an array of accommodations and a restaurants, so as to let the tourists discover the real soul of Miglierina.

Cooperativa di Comunità FareCampo

The project has its roots in the idea that a cooperative community might answer the needs of a urban context and especially in a small municipality like Campogalliano. The areas of interest are individual services, house services, conservation of public and private green spaces.