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It all started in 2014 with the co-design/co-planning Laboratory known as Organized Legality. After the dissolution of the Municipal Council due to mafia infiltration, the Prefect of Battipaglia commissioned to both ALVISI-KIRIMOTO and LUISS LabGov the development of strategic guidelines for the upcoming Municipal City Plan (PUC), a collaborative pact between citizens and institutions, focused on care and regeneration of local commons.


From February to March 2015 the team met associations, active citizens, social innovators, enterprises, public administration officers and schools of the city. The meetings have been held in the ex-Scuola De Amicis of Battipaglia. The interaction among these actors led to the definition of 4 main strands of activity:

PUBLIC BATTIPAGLIA: recovery and reuse of abandoned public spaces (green areas, meeting places, etc.)

REGENERATED BATTIPAGLIA: reactivation of old industrial areas, masserie and cascine (typical farmhouses), and seized mafia assets as source of potential economic development

ECOLOGICAL BATTIPAGLIA: tackling geological risk and groundwater pollution, setting land use regulations (quarries and greenhouses), protecting coastline and redesigning urban transport

CREATIVE BATTIPAGLIA: turning sites such as the ex-Scuola De Amicis, the Castelluccio, and the Tabacchificio into culture, research, and science hubs

Dissemination Events

21-22/06/2015: First Global Day of Organized Legality. The event Battipaglia Collabora (Battipaglia collaborates) gathered citizens and virtuous economic and social groups committed to a collective and collaborative regeneration of their city.

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