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The project is supported by the City, the Province, the Chamber of Commerce, local NGOs, young entrepreneurs, SMEs, and knowledge institutions, such as the Mantua University Foundation. The Mantova Lab approach is based on the collective management of the commons and horizontal subsidiarity established by the Italian Constitution in article 118, paragraph 4, according to which citizens and civil society have the right and freedom to take care of the commons in synergy with all level of government. Mantova Lab namely focuses on providing cutting-edge solutions for co-managing the city’s cultural commons with the support of ICT tools. In the context of the Co-Mantova project, culture is seen as a driver of social development and sustainable economic growth.


Social innovation was encouraged through a call for ideas, Culture as a Commons, which identified 7 main projects on the shared management of cultural commons, combining creativity, digitalization and heritage revitalization. A further step was the co-design laboratory Entrepreneurs for the Commons within the Chamber of Commerce of Mantova, where synergies were built among the actors of the project. Local businesses and entrepreneurs played an essential role in linking public administration, non-profit sector and citizens.
During the third phase, known as Governance Camp, the Co-Mantova Collaborative Governance Pact was drafted, together with a Collaboration Toolkit and Sustainability Plan.

Dissemination Events

27/11/2017(?): the Sustainability Plan was presented and discussed within the framework of the Festival of Cooperation

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