Collaborare è Bologna

The success of the Bologna Regulation, which in the last months was approved in many Italian cities and is going to be approved in many others, paved the way for another LabGov’s project. In this case, the ultimate goal will be the transformation of the city of Bologna itself into a collaborative commons.


The idea, which has been proposed and implemented by the dean of the University, Mr. Giovanni Lo Storto, immediately captured the attention of a group of student swho, thanks to the Laboratory for the Governance of Commons, had the opportunity to discover the benefits and privileges of being able to share a garden within the University. It’s not an individual work but a social one. The garden needs a lot of care and attention which comes from the cooperative work of the community.

Valle dei Cavalieri di Succiso

The cooperative Valle dei Cavalieri di Succiso was created by the inhabitants of Ramiseto to obviate the lack of goods and services and to create new jobs within this small local community. For these reasons, it has set up several shops, it produces local food products and it manages the scholastic service.

Ecovillaggio Torri Superiore

The cooperative community Torri Superiore was instituted in 1989 to restore and repopulate the medieval village that had been abandoned. For this reason, an Eco-village and a cultural centre were created, both open to the public.


Designed on the basis of international experiences, PostModernissimo is a newborn cinema where high-quality films are shown. It was born thanks to the activities of crowdfunding of hundreds of citizens.

Il progetto