Ecovillaggio Torri Superiore

The cooperative community Torri Superiore was instituted in 1989 to restore and repopulate the medieval village that had been abandoned. For this reason, an Eco-village and a cultural centre were created, both open to the public.


Designed on the basis of international experiences, PostModernissimo is a newborn cinema where high-quality films are shown. It was born thanks to the activities of crowdfunding of hundreds of citizens.

Il progetto

Cooperative Oltrevalle

This cooperative wants to realise the following initiatives: 1) the organisation of a tourism community system 2) coordination and management of accommodation facilities 3) organisation of courses for both tourists and residents 4) management of exhibition centres and marketing of local products 5) organisation of events and activities to value the local heritage.


Co-Mantova is a prototype of an institutionalizing process to run cities as a collaborative commons  and therefore as “co-cities“, whereby urban, environmental, cultural, knowledge and digital commons are co-managed by the five actors of the collaborative governance – social innovators (i.e. active citizens, makers, digital innovators, urban regenerators, rurban innovators, etc.), public authorities, businesses, civil society organizations, knowledge institutions – through an institutionalized public-private-people/community partnership. CO-Mantova builds on the experience developed by LabGov through the “City as a Commons“ project and the Regulation on collaboration for Urban Commons that LabGov contributed to draft for the City of Bologna at the end of that project. 

Battipaglia Collaborativa

This project, carried out with the participation of LabGov, deals with the transformation of a city plan into a regulation instrument of the layout of the territory, by means of a partnership between the public and the private sectors, which will take the form of a collaboration over the management of the commons.