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Since 2011 the city of Bologna has been experimenting with innovative solutions for the urban commons governance. In February 2014, after two years of field experimentation in three city neighborhoods, within the framework of the “City as a commons” project supported by the Fondazione del Monte di Bologna and Ravenna, the Bologna Regulation on Collaboration for Urban Commons was adopted by the City. The central regulatory tool is the Collaboration Pact, through which local institutions and citizens (informal groups, NGOs, private entities) focus their efforts on shared care and regeneration of different kinds of urban commons.
The Co-Bologna project was launched in 2015, under the scientific supervision of LabGov, with the goal of applying the same design principles to a broader range of urban policies, thus enabling collective, polycentric urban actions.


The CO-Bologna project has covered three neighborhood-based areas of activity:

PILASTRO (making together, urban commons)

BOLOGNINA (living together, social innovation)

CROCE DEL BIACCO (growing together, collaborative economy district)

A key role in the CO-Bologna project has been played by the Office for Civic Imagination: a policy innovation lab structured as a co-working area for civil servants and urban commons experts. This technical department has led and monitored the co-governance actions and field experiments.

Dissemination Events

November 2015: The first international conference on urban commons, The City as a Commons, promoted by IASC (International Association for the Study of the Commons), brought together around 200 participants from all over the world.
22/03/2016: The Bologna Collaborative City – The Regulation on Public Collaboration for the Urban Commons seminar took place in Bologna, with the aim of monitoring and assessing the Regulation implementation.
26/04/2016: The Cooperative City for Peripheries’ Development conference allowed a huge audience to reflect on the role played by civic collaboration in managing the commons for achieving the goals of urban regeneration, social innovation, and community development.

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