The anthology, which gathers the most relevant research papers dedicated to urban commons theories, is intended to provide a comprehensive introduction to the Co-City approach.

Read online or download:

Micheal Bauwens

David Bollier – Vernacular Law and Complexity Science: Two Guides for Creating Urban Commons

Paola Cannavò and Massimo Zupi – A pact for the territory: towards a collaborative governance of transformation processes

Tine De Moor – A Reader

Sheila Foster – Law and the Urban Commons

Silke Helfrich – Imagining the (R)Urban Commons in 2040

Christian Iaione – The Platform-State. Government as an enabler Civic Imagination and Collaboration. Politics and Institutions in the CO-century

Ezio Manzini – A design strategy for social communing. Social commons, collaborative organizations, and relational goods: a virtuous circle