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CO-Reggio Emilia is a project promoted by the municipality of Reggio Emilia in collaboration with the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, developed under the scientific and strategic guidance of LabGov and Kilowatt.
It started with #CollaboratorioRe, the first incubator of sharing and pooling economy of Reggio Emilia, which laid the foundations of the Open Laboratory (Laboratorio Aperto) of Reggio Emilia, dedicated to democracy and economy experiments. The Lab is open to all actors willing to fulfil their “political, economic and social solidarity duty” (Art. 2, Italian Constitution) by contributing to the “material or spiritual progress of society” (Art. 4, Italian Constitution). The Saint Peter Cloister, a historical building in the process of being regenerated, hosts this public-private-citizen infrastructure for testing and prototyping new social and entrepreneurial paradigms.


The co-design session set the main goals: establishment of a creative enterprise and a community cooperative, identification of new welfare forms, dissemination of an urban pedagogy program, and foundation of a community observatory to monitor and assess the impact of these new initiatives. During the second phase four groups developed each one a different prototype, while the third and last step was dedicated to drafting the Open Laboratory guidelines.

Dissemination Events

14-15/03/2017: Innovazione sociale, beni comuni, modello di collaborazione. Le città e lo sviluppo delle comunità locali conference

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