Cantiere Pilastro

Cantiere Pilastro

Cantiere Pilastro

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Country Italy
City Bologna
Name Cantiere Pilastro
Date 2016
Description of the project In Pilastro, the CO-Bologna pathway was grafted onto the Municipality’s strategic project “Pilastro 2016.” Pilastro 2016 is a project promoted by the Municipality of Bologna as part of the public policy “Collaborare è Bologna” (Collaborating is Bologna). The project is implemented with the contribution of the Emilia Romagna Region and Fondazione del Monte di Bologna e Ravenna, coordinated by Camelot Social Cooperative – Officine Cooperative. Pilastro 2016 aims to connect the wealth of social and cultural capital of Pilastro with existing and developing economic needs in the area northeast of the city.

As part of the Pilastro 2016 project, the “Mastro Pilastro” group was established, which offers neighborhood services to residents and consists of a group of Pilastro residents aged 18 to 30, selected from young people in the area looking for work. The goal of the project is to bring together the social, cultural and entrepreneurial capital deposits of the community with the economic vocations of the Pilastro area. As part of this, CO-Bologna has contributed to the creation of the first neighborhood directorate centered on the institutionalized public-private-community partnership formula, the “Northeast Pilastro” local development agency. CO-Bologna also initiated co-design and various accompanying activities of the “Mastro Pilastro” group to arrive at the establishment of the first urban community cooperative. Through CO-Bologna, the “Mastro Pilastro” group has since formed itself into the “Urban Community Association.”

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