Barangay – Bantam Sangkay

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Location Barangay
Name Bantay Sangkay: Community Driven Development (CDD) Approach
Community Level City
Sector Quality of life, democracy and participation
Year of beginning NA
People involved Municipal officials and Department Heads, Barangay (village) officials, volunteers and CBO leaders of the 24 villages which comprises Pinabacdao.
Object The project Bantay Sangkay sought to embed social accountability mechanisms , adoption of Community – Driven Development (CDD) approach in local planning and public expenditure management cycle and to enhance participatory processes and gains of Kalahi Cidds (KC) , a Philippine government Anti-Poverty Program. This program aimed to create an involved citizenship into their own development and welfare and this belies the real meaning of a democratic government and sustainable development. In that sense, the objectives of the Bantay Sangkay project were:

1.     Continuity of participatory processes and approaches and consolidate the gains into community decision-making; Its major aim was to reach out and involved the marginalized sectors of the community eg. women, out of school youth, farmers and the conflict affected.

2.     Adoption of CDD technology into the local governement’s (LGU)  local planning and budgeting or the public expenditure management cycle; Development of a Comprehensive Municipal Development Plan based on the consolidated 24 Barangay Development Plans developed thru the Barangay Development Council.

3.     Systematize the use of social accountability mechanisms, tools and activities initially developed through the KC towards the setting up of a social accountability system in the LGU (municipal and barangay levels).

4.     Utilize a dynamic combination of Top-Down / Bottom-UP Participatory Development Planning Process. The Participatory Situational Analysis (PSA)conducted by the LGU and the community itself and the Community Based Monitoring System (CBMS) were the starting points in community immersion.

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