Rosario – Programa de Agricoltura Urbana

Buenos Aires 711, S2000CEB Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina

Source: Rosario City Government
Country Argentina
City Rosario
Name Programa de Agricultura Urbana
Date 2002
Description Beginning in 2002, the Programa de Agricultura Urbana institutionalized, built upon and expanded some already existing initiatives of urban agriculture on unused plots of land. The policy planned to support families and community members in situation of increasing poverty through the allocation of land to be used for urban farming.   The municipality organized the plan in six districts, appointing a technical coordinator and two local support staff in each of them with knowledge of agriculture or gardening in order to assisting the huerteros (the persons tending the huertas). The residents involved have created more than 700 community farms. The food produced is either consumed by the farmers or sold at the farmers markets every week.

This policy helped foster a community spirit and contributed to the socio-economic upheaval of many families in Rosario that were suffering after the 2001 crisis.

Urban Co-Governance Weak
Enabling State Moderate
Pooling Moderate
Experimentalism Moderate
Tech Justice Weak
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References, sources, contact person(s) Programa de Agricoltura Urbana, Rosario Argentina. Sources: website; UCLG


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