Texas – Build a Better Block

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City Texas
Project Build a Better Block
  Catchment Area Block
Policy Silo Urban regeneration, Social innovation
Year of beginning 2010
N° of people involved Build a Better Block, Knight Foundation, different communities worldwide
Description of the project Like many urban street scenarios, a specific neighborhood in Dallas had many underused public spaces and lacked social dynamics.

Unsatisfied with these situations neighbors organized themselves in an interdisciplinary skilled group for a hands-on regeneration of underused public spaces, local shops and the street itself. The methodology used was that of Tactical Urbanism, based on three steps: Build, Test, and Learn.

The regeneration took place over a weekend, with social life being brought back into the block through different initiatives (thus requiring little material and time).

The initiative developed into a business with people working full-time on the collective regeneration of different urban blocks worldwide.

Build a Better Block is now an open source project, “developed to provide help for communities that wish to build their own Better Blocks complete with news, tools, and other resources they may need to help rapidly revitalize neighborhoods. Our consulting firm, Team Better Block, assists cities with planning, designing, and measuring the impacts of Better Block as an alternative to the typical urban planning process. “ (http://betterblock.org/how-to-build-a-better-block/)

Field Urban
Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ntwqVDzdqAU



Website www.betterblock.org/

Texas, USA

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