Baltimore, MD (USA) – Charm City Land Trust

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Country United State
City Baltimore (East)
Name The Charm City Land Trust
Date 2000
Description of the project The Charm City Land Trust, is a Maryland based non-profit organization whose slogan is “stewarding land in Baltimore.” It has engaged in a variety of land renewal projects in Baltimore in coordination with community residents and groups, and in collaboration with the non-profit and private sectors, local churches, as well as the local and state government. They are run by a 15-member board, most of whom are from the East Baltimore neighborhoods that they focus on, and they also have members, who provide input and shape the major decisions of the organization. The CCLT maintains close and strong ties with the communities they work in. For example, it has developed a long-term relationship with communities in East Baltimore, particularly McElderry Park, where it has partnered with the Amazing Grace Lutheran Church on a number of ventures. As such, the community, and its residents, are very involved in the work of the CCLT; they are consulted and invited to join the organization as a member, or to apply to be a board member
Urban Co-Governance Strong
Enabling State Moderate
Pooling Strong
Experimentalism Moderate
Tech Justice Weak
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2424 McElderry St. Baltimore, MD 21205


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June 8, 2018