Rome – Fusolab




Source: Fusolab
Location Rome
Name Fusolab
Community Level   Street / Neighborhood
Sector Promotion of culture and knowledge in shared spaces
Year of beginning 2006 (2004 informally)
People involved Everyone
Who started the initiative (NGO, public administration, association) Association Fusolab
Type of commons Shared spaces, labs.

The association was born officially in 2006 as a heterogeneous group of professionals working in different fields who wanted to actively participate actively in the regeneration of the neighborhood and empowerment of youth, organizing innovative projects aimed at seeking new spaces of expression and artistic creativity.

Its aim is the development of an alternative point of view about the existing cultural and economic social model, through spaces, knowledge and tools sharing in the following areas: cultural production (music and art) critical consumption, sustainability, descriptive and common goods, information and media, active participation in the life of the territory, intercultural learning, access to knowledge, education, digital cultures and technological innovation.

Field Urban
Source Website



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