Rome – Ecomuseo Casilino

Source: Ecomuseo Casilino
Location Rome
Name Eco Museo Casilino
Community Level   Street / Neighborhood
Sector Regenaration and valorisation of urban heritage
Year of beginning 2009 (the idea) – 2011 (City Council Deliberation)
People involved Citizens, schools, association, parishes, firms.
Who started the initiative (NGO, public administration, association) Association Ecomuseo Casilino Duos
Type of commons Archeological,

The Eco Museo Casilino project wants to restore the agricultural, natural and archaeological areas against progressive increase in construction. The aim is to recover the relationship people have with the ground. The museum delivers many services, as green transports, rentals,tourist information service, sports service, restaurants, cycle path.

This project is the result of a work expressed by a civic network in the V City Hall (ex VI). The genesis of the Ecomuseum is so typical of the “pact with which a community decides to take care of its territory” based on the principle of subsidiarity (art. 118 Cost.). It is a participatory design process open to contributions and instances of citizens, Schools, associations, businesses, parishes.

Field Urban
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June 8, 2018