Perugia – Cinema Postmodernissimo

Source: Internazionale,
Location Perugia
Name Cinema Postmodernissimo
Community Level Local
Sector Urban regeneration
Year of beginning 2014
Who started the initiative (NGO, public administration, association) Association of citizens
Object Postmodernissimo is a project born in 2014 to bring back to life an abandoned cinema building. More than a normal cinema, PostModernissimo has aimed to create a community cinema, where different forms of art are showcased and presented to the local community. The spectator is put at the center of this new initiative, thanks to different movie screenings in the three theaters available:

The Sala Donati can hosts 159 spectators; Sala Visconti 54 and the third sala, just like in a newspaper, gives space to research, retrospectives and in depth analysis which are hardly ever offered in the city of Perugia. The movie theater also offers an exhibition area and a bar-bistrot to encourage socialization among the spectators and community-building.

PostModernissimo came to life thanks to the generous donations of thousands of citizens who financed the reconstruction through a crowdfunding initiative. On top of that, the organizers also received funds from the European Union and  a loan.

The cinema today represents an example of urban regeneration planned by the citizens, with the citizens in mind.  

Field Urban
Source Cinema Postmodernissimo, Perugia Italy. Sources: Website; Internazionale

Perugia, Italy

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