Paris – Jardins Partagés, Main Verte Program

Source: Biodiversité,
Location Paris
Name Jardin Partagé Mairie de Paris
Community Level City
Sector Urban agriculture, community gardens
Year of beginning 2003
People involved Associations, citizens, community members. 102 gardens were counted in 2013.
Who started the initiative (NGO, public administration, association) Public Administration
Object Urged by local associations already taking care of some urban gardens in Paris, the City of Paris passed in 2003 the “Main Verte” program which promotes the creation by citizens associations of urban community gardens, enabling them with technical assistance, land use rights, and providing know-how.

Other than receiving requests for the creation of new gardens, a Resource Center for Urban Gardeners also assists citizens through the organization of meetings and workshops.

According to the “Convention et charte Main verte”, the gardens are usually set up on the city’s land but they can also grow on other land types. This chart and regulation is to be signed by the City and the association in charge of the garden, which established the rules and the allowed usages of the gardens.

The inhabitants who manage the gardens must commit to keep the gardens open to the community and the public and follow sustainable management methods.

Field Urban
Source  Jardins Partagés, Mairie de Paris, France. Source: Website


Paris, France

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