Milan – QKing Co-Restaurant

Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy

Source: Qking Co-restaurant
Country Italy
City Milan
Name Qking Co Restaurant
Name 2013
Description Qking Corestauran is the first shared restaurant in Milan. At Qking you can cook for your friends as if it was your restaurant for a day, participate to an organized dinner, learn to cook with a team of chefs and food lovers, have a whole dinner cooked and prepared for you by the chefs, and much more.

The restaurant provides you with a dining room with more than 40 seats and everything you need to set the table; a small bar area for the happy hour and a professional kitchen. QKing is not only a location but it can help you organize your dinner by pairing you with a professional chef or doing groceries for you.

Urban Co-Governance Weak
Enabling State Moderate
Pooling Weak
Experimentalism Weak
Tech Justice N/A
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