Milan – Base Gaia

Location Milan
Name Base Gaia
Community Level Street / Neighborhood
Sector Co-housing
Year of beginning 2014
Who started the initiative (NGO, public administration, association) Citizens
Object Base Gaia was started by a group of  four families thatin June 2014 chose the land where to project and co-desing the co-housing initiative. From four families, Base Gaia was able to reach the number of 10 families that today represent the basis of the project.

Fundamental to their project is their autonomy. Base Gaia did not make use of any intermediaries and looked for the land, as well as designed the project by themselves.

On the 6th of February 2015 they founded the Base Gaia Società Cooperativa Edilizia in order to purchase the land and start building. The co-designed project has been approved by the City of Milan in December 2016.

The house will develop on 5 floors. Every family will have 100 sq m for their apartment and 200 sq m of shared spaces like an auditorium, a polyfunctional space (cinema-theatre), a game room, a library with a co-working space, a garden and a solarium terrace.

Field Urban
Source Website:

“La casa comune di 10 famiglie «Il nostro sogno diventa realtà»” Corriere della Sera



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