Hong Kong – Public Space Initiative

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Country China
City Hong Kong
Name Hong Kong Public Space Initiative
Date 2011
Dscription Through research, education and community engagement programs, the Hong Kong Public Space Initiative (“HKPSI”) non-profit organization strive to bring the knowledge of public space to all walks of life, in order for people of Hong Kong to understand the value of public space. Their goals are: a) Raising Hong Kong people’s awareness of public spaces and their benefits through providing information and a platform for ideas exchange; b) Advancing education on public spaces through contributing to academic studies. Some of their programs are the Hong Kong Public Space Directory,  a directory consolidates profiles of both government-managed and privately-owned public spaces, providing a platform for people to search for public spaces in Hong Kong; and the Hong Kong Public Space Symposium, a regular event that brings together stakeholders from government, private sector, academia and grassroots community to discuss a particular topic relevant to public space. Previous speakers include Secretary for Development, performing artists, urban planning professors and architects etc.
Urban Co-Governance Moderate
Enabling State Moderate
Pooling Moderate
Experimentalism Moderate
Tech Justice Weak
Project Website http://www.hkpsi.org/eng/aboutus/overview/
References, sources, contact person(s) Institutional website

Contact : info@hkpsi.org

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June 8, 2018