Jerusalem – Urban Sustainability Project

Location Jerusalem
Name Urban Sustainability Project
Community Level City
Sector Sharing Economy, Local Economic development, Transportation, Waste Separation, Community building
Year of beginning 2013
Object Urban Sustainability starts out from a now-widely recognized understanding that, despite increased resource efficiency in production processes and the promotion of pro-environmental products, the world is still far from attaining the targets necessary for the protection of planetary ecosystems for future generations. The focus of this research is on patterns of human behavior which could enable people to live a high, but yet sustainable, quality of life. Its goals include building long-term models for sustainable lifestyles.

In this context, they have launched “Urban Labs” to go from the theory to the practices. They are local pilots aimed at mapping the opportunities and barriers in realizing the sustainable city vision as it was defined in the first part of the project. Through field research and experimentation, the Urban Labs explore the potential for behavioural changes towards a more sustainable lifestyle, by looking at topics of the Sharing Economy, Local Economy, Transportation, Waste Separation, Community, and Design.

At the end of 2014 (the second year of the project), we talked about the fact that the labs came into being in order to examine, on the local/practical scale, the topics and ideas brought up at the theoretical background stage of the project.

Field Urban
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