Belgrade – Savamala Neighborhood



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Country Serbia
City Belgrade
Name Savamala Neighborhood
Date 2010
Description Savamala is a district in the city of Belgrade that in the past 5 years has been experiencing a process of cultural revitalization thanks to local artists, entrepreneurs, and community members. Starting with the founding of the independent art center “KC Grad” in 2012, Savamala witnessed a wave of transformations that turned the district into one of the most active cultural, artistic and music hubs of the city. The many abandoned and decrepit warehouses in the area were renovated and transformed in bars, music venues, art centers and cultural associations. The future of the neighborhood has also been debated among the community thanks to workshops organized by the Goethe Institute, as part of the ” Urban Incubator: Belgrade ” project. Thanks to these discussions and to the input of artists and local community members, the neighborhood continues to go through a process of cultural improvement.
Urban Co-Governance Moderate
Enabling State Strong
Pooling Moderate
Experimentalism Strong
Tech Justice Moderate
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Savamala, Belgrade

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