Bangalore – Commons research by Harini Nagendra

Location Bangalore name Bangalore Commons research by Harini Nagendra Community Level City Sector Nature in the city N° of people involved 3 Object The research group guided byHarini Nagendra, co-author, together with nobel Prize Elinor Ostrom in 2014, of one of the first articles on the application of the analytical framework developed for commons to the study of natural resources inserted in urban contexts, has realized an empyrical research on the past, present and future of natural resources (parks, aquatic resources, green spaces) of Bangalore, once the Indian Garden City, and today the sylicon Valley of the indian continent, that is facing a strong urbanization phenomenon which is endangering its natural resources. The research is an important opportunity for reflection on the relationship between man and nature in the city, and on the creation of natural urban commons Source Interview to Harini Nagendra and the research group Website

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