Amsterdam – Civic Source

Location Amsterdam
Name Civic Source
Community Level Neighborhood
Sector Housing, community fundraising, civic initiatives
Year of beginning 2016 (launch of the first prototype)
Object Civic Source has been developed with facilitation of social innovator Aura de Klyn, answering to an emerging demand in the dutch neighborhoods. A Civic Source is a neighborhood organization which gains capital for the neighborhood in a sustainable way, with and for its inhabitants. This capital is used to support civic initiatives that can ameliorate the quality of life and environment in the neighborhood. Civic Source is based on “Zero Organising”, an innovative approach developed by Aura Klyn for the development of organizations, based on “non dualism approach”: an approach that seed reality as univoc instead of dual
Field Urban
Source Aura Klyn (founder Civic Source and creator of the “Zero Organising” approach: ); website
Website (first online prototype of Civic Source)


Project Details

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