Turin – CoHousing Numero Zero

Source: Futura News http://www.futura.news/2017/03/31/mostra-abitare-in-italia-di-urban-center-metropolitano/
Location Turin
Name CoHousing Numero Zero
Community Level Street / Neighborhood
Sector Ecologically sustainable co-housing
Year of beginning 2009 (2013 officially in use)
People involved 8 Families
Who started the initiative (NGO, public administration, association) CoAbitare Association
Type of commons Porta Palazzo abandoned building
Object CoHousing Numero Zero is a project developed by “CoAbitare” Association in 2009. Its objective is to bring residents closer in order to create a collaborative lifestyle, less individualistic, even if own privacy and spaces are safeguarded. It is a participatory design which takes place every Saturday afternoon. Everyone has precise tasks: bank calls, relations with the municipality or the district associations, research of materials, etc.

The most important purpose is to create a flexible model, which could be doubled in its design phases – from the statute to trading dynamics – and above all as a lasting experience over time.

CoHousing Numero Zero is a small demonstration of how the vision of an eco-city can concretely come to life. It is characterized by a terrace, a garden, common areas and accommodations for 8 families living there, whose members all actively participate in the design and implementation of the project.

Field Urban
Source Website
Website http://www.cohousingnumerozero.org/


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