TAST’in FIVES – Lille

Images sources : https://www.uia-initiative.eu/en/uia-cities/lille
Country France
City Lille
Date 2017
Description of the project At Fives, after the closure of the metallurgic “Fives Cail Babcock” company in 2001, an ambitious urban renovation project has started in 2015 in order to transform the 20 hectares of industrial brownfield into an original pattern of housing and activities.

A central food hall has been created and mix cooking, productive and food-services activities: A “ Community kitchen” inviting neighbourhood inhabitants to join workshops and events; a professional kitchen hosting an Incubator to food projects and solidary caterer for skills development; a food Court to meet and gather around sustainable local meals and festivals; an urban farm combining training for agricultural job and pedagogy for citizens.

The project was managed via a collective governance model involving all the partners. The design of the future Food hall was co-created with the local residents and participants to the activities.

The results of the first 2 years of the project (from sept 2017 to June 2019), located at L’Avant-Goût, are: 15 000 users of the site; 23 events for the general public; 120 000 visitors during the summer; 500 cooking workshops; more than 100 partners involved.

Urban Co-Governance
Enabling State
Tech Justice
Project Website https://www.uia-initiative.eu/en/uia-cities/lille
References, sources, contact person(s) https://www.uia-initiative.eu/en/uia-cities/lille , https://urbact.eu/tastin-fives,
https://www.soreli.fr/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/plaquette-fives-cail-uk.pdfContact : Cécilie Dagmey, project manager (Municipality of Lille), cdagmey@mairie-lille.fr

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August 24, 2023