Seoul Sharing City

Source: Shareable
Location Seoul
Name Sharing City Seoul
Community Level Local
Sector Sharing Policies
Year of beginning 2012
Object Seoul Metropolitan Government(SMG) has solved various problems such as transportation, parking, residential, environmental issues through sharing policies. Since SMG(Seoul Metropolitan Government)’s declaration as a ‘Sharing City’ in 2012, SMG has made a lot of effort. SMG selects 64 sharing companies that provide services that are of public interest or benefit to citizens, and has designates them as ‘Sharing companies of Seoul’ over the past 3 years. These companies can use the branding of ‘Sharing Seoul’ and receive grants. SMG gave subsidies of around $ 6.3Mn to sharing companies. As a result, some sharing companies has made a remarkable achievement. In particular, the car sharing company Socar was privately funded around 6 – million dollars from domestic enterprises in 2015.

SMG is focusing on public-private governance model. The concept of ‘Sharing’ economy attracted attention everywhere during the global crisis in 2008. Seoul City is unique as the sharing policies were led by the city government as a city policy rather than the private sector’s. Seoul City is spreading policies with collaboration of citizens and district level governments as partners. SMG collected opinions from sharing activists, experts and citizens to promote ‘Sharing’ before starting this project.

Field Urban
Source Sharing City Seoul, South Korea. Source: Interview to Seonae Kwon, head of the city government’s team in charge of the program; website.


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