New York – 596 Acres

Source: 596 Acres
Country United States
City New York
Name 596 Acres
Date 2011
Description 596 Acres is an advocacy program for the access to community land, which helps citizens to organize themselves and facilitates them the access to the vacant urban lands, in order to unlock the potential of urban commons. 596 Acres is a non profit organization working in partnership with the Fund for the City of New York.

Its strategy consists in capturing the residents’ attention with signage in the vacant spaces property of New york City referring directly to the interactive map of the New York City vacant spaces ( ) and to other tools created to facilitate the autonomous organizations of the groups. Through the map, residents can individuate a vacant space in New York, know its state, its property and other information, and, through 596 Acres’ sustain, they can also organize themselves and realize a community space there, such as a community garden. From 2011, 596 Acres has guided 35 group n the process of creation of community organizations, and in the access to vacant lands to build and manage common spaces

Urban Co-Governance Weak
Enabling State Weak
Pooling Moderate
Experimentalism Moderate
Tech Justice Weak
Project Website
References, sources, contact person(s) 596 Acres, New York City. Source: Interview to Paula Z. Segal (Founder and Director of 596 Acres); website


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