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Source: Red Hook Wifi,
Country United States
City New York City (Brooklyn)
Name Red Hook Wi Fi
Date 2012
Project Description In Red Hook, Brooklyn, a wireless mesh network has been created: it’s a technology that allows the realization of an open and accessible internet net at a neighborhood level, already experimented in Italy with the Ninux project, in Greece with Guifi, in Germany with Freifunk and in Greece with The Red Hook zone, in Brooklyn borough, suffers from a scarce Internet connection, and the Red Hook Initiative is bornt with the aim of filling this gap, thanks to the cooperation of the group guiding the initiative, of the residents and of the local enterprises.  The aim of the project is the community-led local economic development, and to reach it, several activities with the community and the neighborhood are organized. The initiative provides a 6 months formation program to the neighborhood youth (19-24 years old) in order to transmit them skills connected to digital and cooperative community leadership for a 6 months period, after which a stage in a local enterprise is provided. That’s how Red Hook Initiative Digital Stewards are bornt: they can use those competences to the development of projects and community enterprises
Urban Co-Governance Moderate
Enabling State Moderate
Pooling Moderate
Experimentalism Moderate
Tech Justice Strong
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