Naples – Agency for the Water as a Commons (ABC Naples)

Naples, Metropolitan City of Naples, Italy
Location Naples
Name Agency for the Water as a Commons (ABC Naples)
Community Level City
Sector public services; reclaiming the commons.
Year of beginning 2013
Object As a reaction to the Result of the National Referendum on the Privatization of Water, held in Italy in 2011, the City of Naples implemented the transformation of the Agency for the management of the water into a “Special Agency” – according to the Italian legal framework, the ABC Acqua Bene Comune, ABC Water as a Commons. The company was transformed officially into a commons corporation on April 22, 2013. It is a sort of “public-common partnership”, an experiment of how public law tools can be used for protecting citizen’s access to clean and affordable water and increasing democratic participation and transparency in local public services’ governance. The Special Agency ABC draws upon an existent form of the public corporation, although with some adaptation in order to pursue social interest instead of profit. It ultimately aims at promoting forms of self-organization and the inclusion and participation of workers and users of water.
Field Urban
Source Website
Website U. Mattei, Social Movements as Constituent Power: the Italian struggle for the commons, Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 20, 2, 965-1013 (2013).

Water as a commons movement:; ABC institutional website:



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