Lande -Montreal-

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Country Canada
City Montreal
Name Lande
Date 2015

Description of the project

Lande collaborates with community organizations and individual entrepreneurs based on the shared responsibility principle. Lande members work along with multiple non-profit organization for the greening (Sentier urbain), but also also with Solon Collectif, La Pépinière, or the Centre d’économie urbaine. Local organisation “eco quartiers” provide for compost bins. The public sector is represented by the arrondissement and the city of Montreal.

The initiative developed into a business with people From its first year of existence in 2015, the purpose of Lande is to support citizens in the appropriation of vacant land in a three steps process “mapping, supporting, transforming”. The first tool provided is indeed a map online on which they can localize the land. When Lande sees a growing interest for one specific land, a billboard is installed on the vacant land to affirm the intention of appripriation. They put in relation designer and gardeners and others local structures/organisations with people to help them in accomplishing their idea and wishes. The role of Lande members, mainly volunteers, is to facilitate the process, delegating the tasks, providing tools, advising on the negociation process and adapting their support to each citizen/community/organisation specific request. Empowering is Lande’s key mission. Among the main roadblock faced are: the contact with private owners when the land is private is usually difficult as it appears necessary to gain his/her confidence (hence the preference for public land). They use many entry points to mobilise people, community gardens, community spaces more generally.

Urban Co-Governance Strong
Enabling State Strong
Pooling Strong
Experimentalism Moderate
Tech Justice Moderate
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August 14, 2019