Detroit – Farm City Detroit project

Location Detroit
Name Farm City Detroit Project
Community Level Local
Sector Urban garden; urban farming
Year of beginning 2012
Object In 2008 Blight Busters teamed up with Fertile Ground Collective to make Farm City Detroit a reality. In 2012, they received $120,000 in funding from Skillman Foundation and Marjorie Max Fisher to transform ten blighted properties into what is now known as Farm City Detroit. Since the project began, they have generated outcomes that improved the neighborhood, employed 32 neighborhood youths, engaged over 3,000 volunteers and created a sustainable environment that fosters a mentoring environment for neighborhood youth. Farm City Detroit acts as both a park and urban gardening space and has become a place for community members to play, to connect with one another, to grow nutritious food, to obtain skills for creating their own personal gardens, and to simply sit and meditate amidst the greenery.
Field Urban
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