Dakar – Kër Thiossane

Country Sénégal
City Dakar
Name Kër Thiossane
Date 2002
Description Kër Thiossane’s activities begun in 2002. In 2003, with the participation of the Canadian Daniel Langlois Foundation for Art, Science and New Technologies, the association opened a public digital space, with the objective of offering to senegalese activities non only Internet consumption, but also the possibility to learn and create through new technologies, by connecting them to the development of digital art practices
Urban Co-Governance Weak
Enabling State Weak
Pooling Moderate
Experimentalism Moderate
Tech Justice Weak
Project Website http://www.ker-thiossane.org/
References, sources, contact person(s) Interview to Marion Louisgrand Sylla (co-founder Kër Thiossane); website



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