Copenhagen – Copenhagen Solutions Lab

Location Copenhagen
Name Copenhagen Solutions Lab
Community Level City
Sector Smart City
Year of beginning NA
People involved City’s administration, partnership with local and international companies and knowledge institutions
Who started the initiative NA
Type of commons
Object Copenhagen Solutions Lab is the City of Copenhagen’s incubator for smart city initiatives. They work cross-sector with the City’s administration and in partnership with local and international companies and knowledge institutions to create and test new ideas, technologies and solutions to real urban challenges.

Copenhagen, like many other large cities, suffers from massive problems with congestion and flash floods; this and the ambitious climate targets are reasons for the need to rethink how the city’s solutions are structured in new sustainable ways. They contribute to the overall goal of Copenhagen being a green, safe, clean and liveable city and we explore the ways the utilization of big data, new technologies and a digital infrastructure can help achieving this goal.

The Copenhagen Solutions Lab wants to be a new governing body for smart city projects across all sectors in the city and will have focus on creating triple helix partnerships. Copenhagen Solutions Lab wants to lead the implementation of innovation and smart city development in close collaboration with knowledge institutions and companies as well as citizens. New ITS solutions, reduced carbon emissions, implementation of sensors that create real time data and information on current situations in the city and the build up and architecture of a new ‘Big Data Digital Infrastructure Platform’ that shares data across public and private sectors will all be working focus points within the Lab.


Field Urban
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Added: 8.06.18