Amsterdam – Coop MidWest

Location Amsterdam
Name Coop MidWest
Community Level Neighborhood
Sector Culture as commons, urban regeneration, community building
Year of beginning 2011
Object The regeneration process, which led to the transformation of an abandoned school into a cultural and community center, was activated by a a group of residents who engaged in a dialogue with the Municipality. In 2013 a Foundation was created, and more recently the cooperative became owner of the building (previously owned by the municipality). The area is a meeting point for the whole community and was imagined and built with a bottom-up approach. It contains a cultural center for music, theatre and cinema, a space for laboratories, different offices for local creative entrepreneurs and some shops. The area around the building (2 gardens and 2 squares) is developed by residents.

The project aims to foster local development and local business, and the returns from investments will remain in the district and will be used to finance additional activities and enterprises.

Field Urban
Source Website

(Pakhuis De Zweijger)



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