Brussels – Commoning


Location Brussels
Name Commoning
Community Level City-level
Sector Urban commons
Year of beginning
Object Commoning is a project carried out by VUB (Free University of Brussels), various neighborhood committees, an architecture study. They want to enhance the individual capability of acting and generating abilities and knoledge collectively, that can be transferred to other contextes regardless of where they were bornt.

Commoning’s proposal is the creation of an Assembly of the Commons, acting as a representative of commoning initiatives in Brussels, protecting the initiatives already in place, and looking for others.

The project also wants to acitivate a reflection around sense and the possible impacts of a “right to commoning”, intended as a right of the commoner to exercise ita s well as to protect its generative aspects

Field Urban
Source Alessia Tanas (a member of the Interdisciplinary Research Group on Law, Science, Technology & Society at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel)



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Added: 8.06.18