Columbia – Red Colombiana de Ciudades, Cómo Vamos

Location Columbia
Name Red Colombiana de Ciudades, Cómo Vamos
Community Level Country
Sector Quality of life, open data, democracy and participation
Year of beginning 1998
Object In 1998 the Bogota Chamber of Commerce, the Editorial House El Tiempo and the Corona Foundation implemented the Bogotá Cómo Vamos project to evaluate the changes in the quality of life of the city through a follow-up to the fulfillment of the Development Plan.

After emerging in Bogota, this initiative expanded to other cities in Colombia, which together make up the Red Colombiana de Ciudades Cómo Vamos (RCCCV) where more than a third of the Colombian population lives. The RCCCV was born with the purpose of generating reliable, impartial and comparable information on quality of life, citizen participation and issues related to the city. The network also contributes to the development of effective and transparent governments, and creates more informed and responsible citizens.

Citizen control programs have also emerged at the sectoral level, such as Vamos Vamos en Salud and Educación Compromiso de Todos, promoted by the Corona Foundation, which has been replicated in other countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Peru. As a result of the RCCCV process, the Latin American Network for Fair, Democratic and Sustainable Cities and Territories was created at the continental level.

Field urban
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