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Co- governance  Public institutions are part of the solution. We also collaborate with artists. Part of the new structure would be with economy.” 

They are not yet structuring a co-governance scheme. 

A3.a. Small scale and Shared governance (Public-citizen/community):  Moderate (2) 
Enabling State  Developing an enabling state is their first main goal.  

It is not yet achieved because they depend of political coalition and it takes time. 

B2. Collaborative: The State embraces a horizontal approach, without giving up with his role and duties. It supports the commons by investing on or funding them or providing technical support rather than contracting out some services. It shares political and strategic decisions rather than administrative ones.  Moderate (2) 
Poolism  They encourage initiatives that put resources in commons. However, they cannot be considered an initiative which promote poolism more than the gig economy.  N/A  N/A 
Experimentalism  They led survey as a basis of their future work to open the debate about Commons. They work as an incubator. They work as a public policy within the city council. They built connection with other methodology.  D2. Adaptive: The project relies on a methodology or on a structure/process that is exportable and adaptable to different contexts  Moderate(2) 
Tech Justice  They do not tackle this issue.  0 



Civi eState-Commons Agenda-Netherlands- 2017- Public Policy- Commons Agenda Promotion-—samenwerken-aan-sociale-en-duurzame-stad

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Commons Agenda Amsterdam is a public policy which aims at promoting Commons in the Netherlands. They open the debate about it, in civil society and the City Council, to think how can the local government foster Commons. The Action Plan, AmsterDOEN is about public-commons partnerships and how to strengthen them. They are still at the begining phase. For the future, they have three main lines : Financial and legal instruments, Strenghtening the ecosystem, and Strengthening the narrative of the Commons. 


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September 26, 2023