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Location Catalunia_Barcellona Name Community Level Urban Sector Infrastructure commons; Open Mesh Wireless Network Year of beginning 2014 N° people involved 32.623 working nodes (updated 04/12/2016 Object Guifi is the largest community network worldwide. (Leonardo Navarro 2015). is an open wireless mesh network, created in the city of .. Guifi is community license based, the funding is provided by the members itself. The Network Contract License (NCL) is in fact the licence that every participant must subscribe to, developed and approved through a long standing open deliberation process.

Different categories of actors are involved in Guifi: Volunteers, Professionals, Companies, Service Providers, Government, Academic.  In july 2008, the members of the Guifi community decided to constitute a non profit Foundation, Foundation, that gives a legal identity to the community. Its mission is to supervision the management of the network infrastructure as a commons, and has a coordination and arbitration role. Among its activities, it maintains the NCL and enforces its compliance when necessary. It also play a proactive role in building and maintaining a set of tools (e.g. IP address space, legal identity, possibility to operate under its name).            Internet access is the most popular service offered by Guifi, but also services related to the infrastructure deployment and maintenance, and on the other hand, services delivered over the network are offered, such as: VoIP, remote maintenance or backups, new services such as video streaming and video on-demand.

Scientific studies shows that Guifi community network has helped to reduce the geographical digital divide in Catalonia by increasing the Internet access rate in Osona-county. (Fuchs 2017). As Navarro outlines, the Catalan county with the best results, and the only one above the EU average, is Osona, where was born. The indicators of other counties with significant presence, such as Bages and Baix Ebre, are also high when compared to similar counties where is not present. (Navarro, 2015). Setting Regional Source GUIFI website, scientific journals, materials produced by the Horizon 2020 research project “NetCommons”. Website


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