Bordeaux – Darwin Ecosystem


Location Bordeaux
Name Ecosystème Urbain Darwin
Community Level Building / Neighborhood
Sector Ecologically sustainable urban regeneration
Year of beginning 2008
People involved 560 people employed, 5000 members of residents associations, 40 associations, around 700 000 visitors per year
Object Darwin was created as an urban ecosystem inside of an old military barrack that was left abandoned in the city of Bordeaux.

The project includes small commerces, a co-working space, shared offices, cultural,  artists, and residents’ associations, apiculture activities and urban farms, cafés, bars and restaurants, sports areas, and a hostel among others. The whole system follows a governance model that is collaborative and participatory, thanks to the “Darwiniens” association. It is a sustainable structure as it hosts workshops for the recycling of various materials; it sets up spaces with the help of recycled furniture; it follows an advanced recycling system for the waste produced; and finally, it makes use of renewable energy and collects rainwater. The Darwin project is therefore an example of a sustainable renovation that remains inclusive and fosters community building in the city.

Field Urban
Source Gancille J.M and Barre P. L’écosystème urbain Darwin. Du Hacking Territorial à un nouveau modèle de coproduction de la ville? Futuribles n° 414 . septembre-octobre 2016





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