Parco Sangalli

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Country Italy
City Rome
Name Parco Sangalli
Date 2015
Description of the project In 2010 the park was completely abandoned, from policing to pruning. Between 2010 and 2012 there were volunteer activities once a week to clean the park. They reported the situation but nothing was done.

Open dump, there have been several campaigns to sponsor and spread the word about the problem that have led to nothing. Especially bringing together the already active voluntary associations and pull in the others. Istituto dell’affidamento dell’area verde “Offence-omission of a public service” calls for tenders to take funds for park cleaning and equipment acquisition.

For keeping clean and active the archeological garden, they define high costs 15,000 euro, expectations of a new part-time job and twenty people who could work a day job: a sort of public call was made with a ranking list giving priority to unemployed older people, unemployed young people not students, immigrant women. Among 45 submitted, 20 places were reserved.

The park get transformed and clean from July 2015 until June 2016. It built economic support, support for the park, and cultural activities (outdoor cinema, group walks). The volume of glass produced by the park weekly was in industrial quantities. There has been a change in custom, bottles are no longer thrown on the ground but in the bin. New funds are also being sought with a call within a community found process. It is a platform for association, and provides services for citizens in need.

Urban Co-Governance
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Via Policastro, 24 Tor Pignattara, Roma 00177 Italia


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July 26, 2018