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Country Italy
City Bologna
Name Labàs
Date 2012
Description of the project Làbas is the political collective that on November 13, 2012, occupied an abandoned military station of 9.000 squared meters, the former Caserma Masini. Since the occupation, Làbas regenerated the space and organized a wide set of activities, open to the neighborhood and the whole city. It leads political activity such as a protest against housing policies of the City of Bologna, practices concrete fight against evictions and support realities that promote access to housing for vulnerable groups, and illegally occupies spaces such as the “Via Solferino 42”, the occupation of a building owned by the a Blind Institute, the Istituto Cavazza, that allows 20 families to access housing. Another core issue of Làbas is the migration crisis, that they address through communication activities and volunteering actions, social urban gardening and social economic activities.  

The Làbas collective recently started a dialogue with the City Government about the future of the space and established a “Comitato per la Tutela e l’Affermazione del’’ex Caserma Masini Bene Comune”, a Committee for the Care and Affirmation of the former Caserma Masini as a commons, that provides them with a legally recognised infrastructure with currently 700 members. The Làbas center was then evicted and received manifestation of support from a wide array of social actors in the City. What is required for the civic and institutional actors involved in this situation for addressing it is to carry out an exercise of civic imagination, as stated by the Deputy Mayor Matteo Lepore that recently proposed for Làbas and other realities active in the neighbourhood to open a dialogue over the possibility of regenerating the wide abandoned area of the Staveco, a former …, which is going to be destined for 85% of its space to social use. Also declarations form the Mayor of Bologna Virginio Merola are open to the dialogue for finding an alternative solution for Làbas.  

Urban Co-Governance Moderate
Enabling State Moderate
Pooling Weak
Experimentalism Weak
Tech Justice Weak
Project Website https://labasbo.org/
References, sources, contact person(s) Contact : labas.bo@gmail.com




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April 28, 2022