A casa di Zia Gessy

Image source: Facenook page Condominio Solidale "A casa di zia Jessy"
Country Italy
City Turin
Name A casa di Zia Gessy
Description of the project A Casa di Zia Gessy (Aunt Gessy’s Home) is a project that offers temporary social housing solutions (maximum 18 months) with the aim of creating support networks and encouraging the residents’ ability to live independently.

The condominium is a public housing structure, which intends to respond in an innovative way to the housing needs of citizens who reside there, to define itself as a new model of living together that can be replicated in other contexts, to address with a new approach both the response to housing distress, and the relationships of proximity and neighborhood, enhancing the promotion of solidarity between generations through mutual support and participation in socialization activities.

The final objective of the Condominio is the achievement of definitive autonomy of the citizens who live temporarily in the 8 lodgings, but also the consolidation of the Condominio itself as a resource of solidarity networks even after the end of the housing experience and the achievement of definitive autonomy. In other words, the condominium must continue to be a valid point of reference, a support, an example of living together as a positive emulation for all those who have experienced it, in the perspective of permanent mutual aid.

Urban Co-Governance Moderate
Enabling State Strong
Pooling Weak
Experimentalism Weak
Tech Justice N/A
Project Website http://www.condominiosolidale.org/2013/
References, sources, contact person(s) Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/condominiosolidaleviagessi6/


Via Romolo Gessi, 4/6 a Torino 


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May 2, 2022