Viadotto dei Presidenti

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Country Italy
City Viadotto dei Presidenti
Name Viadotto dei Presidenti
Date N/A
Description of the project A redevelopment for temporary use of an abandoned area under the Viaduct of the Presidents, put in place by the Viaduct of the Presidents/Grenapsi association with the participation of Renzo Piano’s group of young architects ‘G124’ and associations engaged in the regeneration of urban spaces such as Interazioni Urbane. But also a way to reappropriate a non-place usually hidden by daily traffic, through green furniture and a real temporary square under the degraded and abandoned pillars into a place of exchange and citizen participation. A first initiative that saw the involvement of the local community, Sotto il Viadotto.
Urban Co-Governance
Enabling State
Tech Justice
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viadotto Giovanni Gronchi Roma, Roma 00139 Italia


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July 26, 2018