MAAM Rome Metropolitan museum in Prenestino

Source: Cronache di Ordinario Razzismo
Country Italy
City Rome
MAAM Rome Metropolitan museum in Prenestino (also Museo dell’Altro e dell’Altrove)
Date 2012
Description Continuing the work of the Space Metropoliz artistic, cinema, and ethnographic project, MAAM arises in an occupied old factory as an open public space that welcomes new forms of artistic experimentation and social cooperation.

Art becomes a collective endeavour in this space, as artists are invited to contribute for free, interacting with the factory and the inhabitants of the neighborhood.

The Project puts forward a new model for artistic institutions, and contributed to create a new relationship linking artistic expression, politics and the city. Starting from its name, the “Museum of the Other and the Elsewhere” is indeed symbolically opposing the idea of art that shows through the work and the esthetic of the MAXXI and MACRO museums, using its peripheral position, its complete absence of funds and its proximity to the community as its strength.

Urban Co-Governance Moderate
Enabling State Weak
Pooling Moderate
Experimentalism Strong
Tech Justice Moderate
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June 8, 2018