L’Aquila (AQ)

Città di L'Aquila

Image source: https://trasparenza.comune.laquila.it/

Country Italy
City L’Aquila
Name L’Aquila
Date 2014
Description of the project L’Aquila approved the Bologna protocol on 25/08/2014, regarding the use of urban space as a common good.
Urban Co-Governance
Enabling State
Tech Justice
Project Website https://trasparenza.comune.laquila.it/archivio13_strutture_0_14735.html
References, sources, contact person(s) Press article on Labsus : https://www.labsus.org/2014/09/la-rivincita-delle-carriole-laquila-riparte-dai-cittadini/

Contact : camilla.ceccotti@comune.laquila.it



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July 26, 2018