Kigali Matserplan by Surbana Jurang

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Country Rwanda
City Kigali
Name Kigali Matserplan (Surbana Jurong)
Date 2013
Description of the project The project is to update Kigali’s master plan, last approved in 2013, and renewed in 2015. Surbana Jurong updated the methodology of the plan. A phase of qualitative data collection leads them to create a vision of development for the city, a participatory process, an analysis of land use.

“The master plan transforms Kigali into a great city to live and work in by strategically guiding its development through optimal land use and facilitating rapid economic growth. Through the inclusive and participatory master plan, the city is positioned as a financial hub of east-central Africa to attract investments and create employment. Kigali’s development is characterised by a rejuvenation of the existing urban areas, transit-oriented growth, greater focus on affordable housing development in the suburban areas and the implementation of an attractive green network system.” (website)

The master plan is composed of a map with various layers in which they say how the land is used and then the technical implementation rules. There is also an implementation action plan, which establishes the stage of implementation of the plan, the stakeholders, the modalities, formation of a permanent assembly of stakeholders. When, what the priority, who is responsible, how much it will cost and physical elements.

All of this is available/will be available online, with simplified documents for non-technical people. In addition, for those who do not have access to the phone : citizens have access to tabacconists, which are trained, and who become an emanation of the public administration.

“Surbana Jurong’s master plan for Kigali City won the Best Overseas Planning Project Award 2010 and Best Planning Project 2013 in the Singapore Institute of Planners (SIP) Planning Awards.” (website)

Urban Co-Governance Strong
Enabling State Moderate
Pooling Weak
Experimentalism Moderate
Tech Justice Moderate
Project Website Kigali City Master Plan – Surbana Jurong Private Limited
References, sources, contact person(s) Interview, and website (Kigali City Master Plan – Surbana Jurong Private Limited)


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April 11, 2022