Innovative solutions to sanitation problems in urban slums – SHWAAS

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Country India
City Pune (Maharashtra)
Name Innovative solutions to sanitation problems in urban slums – SHWAAS
Date 2012 (May)
Description of the project Project SHWAAS has three main components: the renovation and construction of community toilets, community mobilisation and involvement in sanitation issues, and capacity building of local government officials. In partnership with the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), CHF aimed to implement the project in 100 slums in Pune, though rebuilding of toilets was not prioritised for all slums. The municipal corporation was responsible for building community toilets, while CHF led community mobilisation and capacity building. Eight staff members from CHF worked on SHWAAS, with an additional six officials from the PMC. 

Besides, CHF sees heavy involvement from the community in creating, implementing and evaluating the project as the only way to ensure long-term sustainability of any sanitation efforts. Social workers from CHF worked in the selected slums to create Shwaas Samities, Health Committees with 6-10 members.

Urban Co-Governance Strong
Enabling State Strong
Pooling Moderate
Experimentalism Weak
Tech Justice Weak
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References, sources, contact person(s) Source : annual reports published by CHF India Foundation ( as success-story-1.pdf (; interview with CHF Director

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April 14, 2022