Fablab Lazio Roma

Image source: https://www.italiancoworking.it/roma/spazi/fablab-lazio-roma/
Country Italy
City Rome
Name Fablab Lazio Roma
Date N/A
Description of the project The FabLab was created “with the aim of promoting cooperation, sharing, networking and constant updating among people united by a single passion: technological innovation.
It is a shared space, equipped with innovative equipment and technologies, in which makers, designers, students, creatives and startups can make prototypes and “custom made” and self-produced objects.” Translated from https://www.lazioinnova.it/spazioattivo/fablab-lazio/
Urban Co-Governance
Enabling State
Tech Justice
Project Website https://www.italiancoworking.it/roma/spazi/fablab-lazio-roma/
References, sources, contact person(s) Website regarding Fablabs in the Lazio region : https://www.lazioinnova.it/spazioattivo/fablab-lazio/

Contact : fablabferentino@lazioinnova.it

Via Casilina 3/T, 00182 – Roma


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July 26, 2018