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Country Italy
City Rome
Name Communia
Date 2013
Description of the project On September 7, 2013, the Omnia Sunt Communia collective occupied the former Piaggio Workshops, abandoned for years and made a dump by neglect, to make it a mutual aid space. The conditions of the workshop were disarming, but after a year of volunteer work and more than 15,000€ spent to clean, fix, renovate and upgrade the place, with numerous masonry, plumbing and electrical works, now the Ex Officine Piaggio are habitable and have been hosting mutual aid activities, the services Communia offers to the neighborhood and cultural, recreational, political and social initiatives for a while now.

Today it is a social place where the most diverse cultures mix in order to propose pedagogical and recreational activities for the San Lorenzo neighborhood.

Urban Co-Governance
Enabling State
Tech Justice
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Viale Scalo San Lorenzo, 00185 Roma RM, Italy


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July 26, 2018